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Believing in Miracles

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November 28th, 2010 This is my own story of how I attracted my building and paid cash for it in 35 days.  I decided to copy this article I wrote a few years ago to this website to help others see how they can create their own miracles.  In the process I stumbled across this list on Joe Vitale’s Miracles Coaching website and realized that my miracles that I reported took these top 3 slots – wahoo!!  (I have inserted what I copied off his website for Miracles Coaching here: Here are JUST A FEW of the results people reported (many more below)… Manifested $42,000 in just one month to pay cash for a building Stopped a plane on the runway Paid CASH for a brand new Mercedes Benz Car WOW, this is me! So here is my story: Attracting Money Tuning your Success vibration is all about understanding you are an energy being. Just like a tuning fork, you vibrate at a certain frequency, and all the energy around you RESONATES to your frequency. In this vibrational way, you create your reality by the way you feel. Judy Berg If you think and feel, you will win – you will! If you think and feel, you will get money – you will! Quick history – lost my good paying job and most of my possessions; I have been bankrupt two times, and my husband died after a very long illness. In July 2006 I attended Judy’s Attracting Success Seminar and saw The Secret. I GOT IT! I immediately purchased 20 copies of The Secret; started living in the law of attraction and told as many people as I could. I did not know for sure how it worked or what I really needed to do to, but I was convinced that it was real. I used the phrase “wouldn’t it be great if … “ and I would fill in the blank, first it was parking spaces, then checks in the mail, then I thought how about a building for my business? I wanted to try a BIG test, so I clearly focused on having a building for my business. This is what I knew I wanted: building with at least 8 parking spaces; easy access on a well traveled street; peaceful, cheerful place with a good sized meeting room, overhead door for loading, and storage; and I had to pay for it with cash. I had no idea where that was going to come from. My daughter located a building for us on the 2nd try and I asked the realtor what was next. I made an offer of $55,000 cash(the owner wanted $79,900). I had about 30 days until the closing to come up with $51,000 (I put $5,000 on deposit) – I only had about $13,000 in the bank. I just kept believing that the money would be there and picturing us being in the building and using it. To this day I am still not sure where all the money came from; I worked, I talked, I was excited and some how it showed up. On the morning of the closing I was still short $4,000 – still believing that it would show up. I cleared my mind and let it go. My favorite mind clearing thought is “Be still and know that I am God.” Psalms 46:10. As soon as I cleared my mind I got an inspired thought and called a customer who was thinking about purchasing some software. I asked if they would like to go ahead and order and give...

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