Dallas, Texas January 2011

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I returned to Erie on Valentines Day.  I am grateful that I was able to play the game… ‘let’s go the the Super Bowl!’  You might say that I did not win the game (we were not able to pull everything together and make it happen) or maybe with all the hoopla surrounding the Dallas event, you might say that we did win.

I have always jumped in with both feet to attempt what I think of as worthy endeavors – they may also be called ‘the game of life.’  In the game you may win or you may lose – it is just sooo much fun to play the game that it makes it worth while.

That being said… I lost this one (or did I?!?!)


So I probably have some catching up to do…

I am anchored in Dallas, TX right now.  Missing the Erie winter (I know, so sad…) and really missing my David.

So why am I in Dallas you ask? I am “on the ground” getting ready for the Super Bowl.  During CEO Space 1210 in Las Vegas I connected with DaRayl Davis who is the Founder of Affluent for Life Academy.  AFL is holding the Affluent for Life Super Bowl Summit this year in Dallas. They are the official sponsor of the NFL Players Association Events for the SB.  I was headed to Dallas anyway to visit my family, so I offered to help.

The big plus for me is that I will get to “pitch” EverWarm Products to the NFL Players during the events!  So I get to help be a part of the Super Bowl experience and I get to work on my new business, how cool is that!

The other day the girls (Jasmine and Maaliyah) and I went for a walk on the trails near the Cowboys Stadium and had a wonderful time. It really is a neat place, so many trails, walkways, bridges, etc. A nice walk if you have to park far away from the stadium.

Dallas really has it together when it comes to entertainment; very close to the Dallas Cowboys Stadium is the Rangers Complex and even Six Flags over Texas! Looks like they would never run out of parking unless, football, baseball and roller coasters all happen at the same time.

There is so much happening that I will have to break up my stories I guess.  For now, just wanted you to know where I was. Dallas…