CEO Space Gratitude

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Over the summer I have made several trips. On one trip I was in Long Beach to shoot video of Tamara Taylor for her new website.  Lisa picked us up from the airport and told us we had to go to a CEOSpace meeting with her.  Tamara and I had both been traveling for hours and were not ready to go to a “meeting” of any kind.  We were stuck (Lisa was driving) and had to go.

We were late and had to slip in the back of the room and at first Tamara and I were not listening or paying attention, then something happened and we both looked at each other.  Wow, were we hearing correctly? Could this really be true? A networking group that is cooperative, not competitive; where members ask What are you doing and how can I help you? The speaker was different from anyone else I have heard speak Berny or BJ Dorhman, the CEO and Founder of CEOSpace.  Tamara and I both stopped pretending to listen and really started listening.  It was amazing. Later we got to do a sort of speed networking and then we found ourselves in a group with others.  These people are so loving and truely interested in what we were doing.  We laughed, cried, shared our dreams and so much more.  You would have thought we had known each other for years.  It is really difficult to explain.

We were encouraged to meet with BJ the next night to see if CEOSpace was a possible fit for us.  Tamara and I were not sure if we wanted to and if we would even have the time to meet – we did go and the meeting was unbelievable, really.  I have a video of the conversation between Berny and Tamara, check back later to see it posted.

Without Lisa all that happened in the next few months would not have been possible.  I will save that for another post, this one is for Lisa.  Lisa, I love you, I am grateful.

Lisa makes the most beautiful one of a kind jewelry.  I got to wear a Lisa Coltman original to the CEOSpace Forum in July – what an honor, you are really special when you own and wear a Lisa Coltman!  I will post a photo of my name tag and a link soon.