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Mom-in-law :)

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This is for you Jean Burney, my mom-in-law (is that really a word?!?)… I gotta go in a minute, just had to post this before I left – a quick thought of thanks for all you are… Thank you most of all for My David, you will never know how much joy he brings me (oh yes and grief too  )  Thank you for having him… Thank you for believing in UFO’s and seeing them – most people can’t see them.  You have the heart of a child and are able to believe in the things that most of us give up on.  Thank you for believing… Thank you for welcoming me into the family.  I feel like I am a part of this wonderful family and have always been.  Thank you… Thank you for having a pool to play in, and taking David on summer trips so that he could tell me about them even to this day.  Thank you for teaching him so much. Especially thank you for teaching him how to hear what most people can’t hear – for the experiences of family members that visit him and bring him joy.  Thank you for allowing him to be open like that… This heart is for you for all you have brought into my life… Okay here is another one – David says that one does not look like a heart LOL… >>>>>>>>>>> Susie, my wicked step mom (as she calls herself) Susie, lover of animals – mom to Prissy (may she rest in peace), Winnie and Caesar – wonderful trainer.  Taught Winnie how to dance, do “monkey paws” and so much more. You delight in rescuing animals that need it and make it a pleasure to visit with them.  Thank you for being a wonderful animal advocate… Susie always has a wonderful meal ready to put on the table, any time I drop by – announced or unannounced. Yummy dishes and delightful conversation make meals in your kitchen a joy to indulge in.  So good I can’t think of what my favorite meal is – oh yeah I know, I know… it’s all of them!  Thank you for being a wonderful meal maker… When I come to visit I feel like a college student coming home for the weekend; I get to wash my clothes, stay in MY room, MY bathroom is set up just like I like it with all the sea things right there to enjoy, I get to eat home-cooked meals and just visit.  Thank you for opening up your home and making it mine… You are a beautiful gardener,  your flowers and plants are wonderful to enjoy.  The entryway to your front door reminds me of a pixy forest or fairytale wonderland.  Thank you for the wonderful sights to enjoy… This heart is for...

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Mom Hardin

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Norma Jean Hardin, my mom.  Mom, this message is for you… My mom has the most beautiful eyes, green with some blue. I can remember my mom taking me, Tam and Jim to the zoo, the park, and of course church – dressed up all a like (sorry for the red velvet outfits Jim LOL).  We had fun and we played hard, really hard – bicycles on birthdays, there was a sand box in there somewhere, we got dirty – mom let us, she didn’t care if she had to wash the dirt out or get grass stains out of our clothes – she was fun like that.  When you are a kid you don’t know how fun your mom is, you don’t realize that she does not complain about the dirty clothes, cooking every meal, washing the dishes so we can play, sewing clothes, sweeping and mopping – you just get to be. Mom thanks for letting us just BE. My mom sewed beautiful dresses for me for the prom and many other dances, I still have one of them – sadly the others were destroyed by mold in Florida :{  David, my husband always loved the dresses; our favorite one I think was the Gone With The Wind curtain dress  – it was floor length, green velvet with white lace trim, fitted top, with a flowing skirt on bottom. My mom dress me up like I was a princess – I felt like one too.  Thanks mom for the loving devotion, for the sewing time… My mom decided to learn how to redo furniture – so we had chairs with new covers on them. She also did this antiquing thing with wood and we had some really colorful dressers, chairs, etc. – turquoise was one I recall and there was red too.  She also did this really cool tie-dyed sheet that she framed and hung on the wall in my sisters room.  We never got bored with our rooms, she could always find a way to recreate them!  Thanks mom for the creativity… I have to mention how clean my mom was – this just has to be said.  When we got old enough to be helpful, mom had us clean stuff – sure we did the dishes and the floors, but other stuff too… like the books, oh my goodness we had BOOKS – and mom thought that they were dust collectors, so every now and then we would have to take each book off the shelf and dust off… sure the book shelf, but also the book edges, the outside covers AND the inside covers!  Today I must admit that I think books are supposed to collect dust, that gives them the aged look, I am thinking that makes them more valuable, RIGHT?!?! Mom thanks for making us clean the books… Oh and mentioning cleaning… mom had this thing about the cars being clean, even in the winter in Erie, PA.  I have to tell this one, we all still get a kick out of this one, except maybe dad, who couldn’t get the doors open.  You know in the North during winter there is lots of snow and with snow comes the road dirt (salt, cinders, whatever they are using to keep the roads safe) – so mom decided to wash the car in the garage (since it was 20 degrees outside, that seemed logical).  The car looked great! We loved it cause we had an instant ice rink in the garage – wahoo! (Sorry about the doors dad – frozen shut:) Thanks mom...

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