Heart Rocks

Looking for a Sign

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When Noah was looking for a sign of land he sent out a dove: the first time the dove came back with nothing the second time the dove came back with an olive leaf in it’s beak the third time it did not return I have often looked for a sign that I am on the right path in life.  My quickest method to see this is to go to my favorite beach on Lake Erie (it is semi private and close to home).  There I ask God questions and seek signs that I am on the correct path.  For me these come as heart rocks.  This is what they look like… I put these on my table to show you how many shapes and sizes they come in.  These are just some of my finds.  I always laugh at how many there are each time I go to the beach.  I even make up stories about each rock. I like the red heart rock in this photo – it seems to be made out of a portion of a brick long ago tossed in the lake.  Great color, looks good, but there are those pits in it.  What does your life look like?  Do you look good on the surface, nice color, good shape, but the pits of life invade your life?  Maybe you are not quite so perfect and could use a good hug, maybe a nice comfortable conversation with a friend, no judgement, just for fun?!? I encourage you to go and find your heart rock – create a story around it – then chose to keep it and just enjoy the moment or…. if you want throw it as far as you can out into the water and try on a new story – one that you create from the beginning in a new and miraculous...

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