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Heart Rocks

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August 25th, 2009 |  Author: Kim   Finding heart rocks at the beach My granddaughters are still here from Texas and yesterday I taught them how to allow heart rocks to show up in their lives.  We took a walk on the beach and I told them how everytime I go there I stop, look down at my feet and feel the joy of seeing the heart shaped rock that God sends me. This has been happening for me for a few years now. Jasmine is 7 and Maaliyah is 5 – at first they just did not see the heart rock before them.  Then I asked them to just walk with me and watch how it worked, with absolute confidence I took a few steps and looked down and sure enough there was a heart shaped rock at my feet. The girls still had a bit of trouble, so I told them to just tell God to please show them a heart rock.  They started seeing them slowly at first and the rocks were not exactly perfect (not puffy rocks as Jasmine liked to say), then as they started understanding and getting clear about what they wanted the rocks started turning up more perfect. I explained to the girls that the less perfect rocks were ones that were “signs of land,” leading them to what they really wanted. They are teaching me to play everyday, to eat regular meals on time with fruit and vegetables, to read a story before going to bed, to pray before we eat, to smile and laugh… I am so...

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