About Kim

girls-lake-300x224Kim Burney – an serial-preneur who is the owner of Attraction Center Publishing and several other companies.  

Kim has always believed that you can be anything you have a desire to be. She became the first female regional director of a national restaurant chain, with 15 restaurants from the Mississippi Gulf Coast across the Florida panhandle to Tallahassee and up to Dothan, Alabama. Widely known for her training skills, Kim’s passion is to help people be what they want to be, attract desired clients, speak on stages and create the foundation to leave a legacy behind for future generations. 

Kim achieved one of her life’s goals by graduating with honors from college with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at the age of 39, while working full time (60 hours a week), helping her teenage daughter, and taking care of her terminally ill husband; who passed away the same year she graduated.

davidkimKim is the wife of David Burney, her high school sweetheart (one of the best attraction stories you will ever hear); mother of Mary Ellen Morgan, (wonderful mom), wife of Jeremy Morgan(great son-in-law and dad) ; and grandmother of two of the cutest girls, Jasmine(13) and Maaliyah(12) www.jasmineandmaaliyah.com

Kim finds great joy in helping people discover how awesome life can be when they learn how to use their God given talents and acquired skills in the most perfect way. Kim believes that everyone can become the person they want to become right NOW! One of her strongest beliefs is “great leaders deserve to be found.”

Kim finds an abundance of peace and energy when she is near water and rocks, she loves to scuba dive and take pictures. She has become a skilled photographer and many of her photos are used in websites that she builds.